Matt Arnold (matt_arnold) wrote,
Matt Arnold

Idle Games

I admit I spent most of Sunday playing CivClicker. It's yet another game in the "Idle Game" genre-- games that play themselves with barely any player interaction. This one adjusts that premise somewhat, because if you don't have sufficient stockpiles for your people to weather plagues or invasions when you walk away from the computer, it is possible for your civilization to crash before you get back.

A Dark Room is the obvious inspiration, though CivClicker lacks the beautiful prose style. I don't expect any Idle Game to be as creative and personally affecting as A Dark Room.

On the other hand, CivClicker is a great deal more involved than CookieClicker and Clicking Bad. But that's not saying much.

If you're looking for somewhere intermediate to start, try the great-granddaddy of Idle Games: CandyBox. If you're patient for the first few minutes, you just might be rewarded.
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