Matt Arnold (matt_arnold) wrote,
Matt Arnold

Peter Watt's Rifters and RPG "Rifter": Two Different Things

The image on the left is cover art for Peter Watts' "Rifters" series about living in deep sea rifts. The image on the right is cover art for "The Rifter", a softcover periodical concerning the Megaverse roleplaying game by Palladium Books, in which characters hop between dimensions of spacemen, wizards, cowboys, and super-heroes.

Oh no. Oh good grief no. I've missed out on Peter Watts' tales of suicidal nihilistic antisocial deep-sea posthumans all this time, because I thought from the name that they were Young Adult franchise novels! I nodded sagely and was stoic about how we all have to pay the bills and there's no shame in it. If only I had given it a closer look, I might have realized that an author who tends to write about the Holocaust, pedophiles, and imaginative new forms of disembowelment had not attempted to produce light reading for the beach.

Fortunately he's released the entire Rifters series for free!
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